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obtain your aap nrp provider training

With Baby's Breath

step 1 - register for BAby's Breath  (Part 2 of aap nrp provider training)
Step 2 - register for aap Learning Platform training (part 1 of aap nrp provider training -details below)
Step 3 - complete PARt  1 - advanced - with aap
step 4 - complete part 2 - instructor-led event - with baby's breath workshop
step 5 - return to aap learning platform and obtain card online
NRP Workshops - San Diego, CA

aap nrp 8th edition - advanced - provider training

Baby's Breath is a comprehensive training program for all birth workers to learn how to care for newborns within the midwifery model of care in the community setting.   AAP's Hospital-Based NRP Provider training is not required to complete Baby's Breath.  However, some state licenses, national certifications, and midwifery schools require AAP's hospital-based NRP training to complete their programs or to maintain licensure/certification.  Michele is an AAP NRP Instructor-Mentor; therefore, the workshop also satisfies Part 2 of the AAP's NRP Provider Course Instructor-Led Event.   If you need your NRP card from AAP (AAP 8th Edition Advanced NRP Provider Training), you must register with AAP - in addition to Baby's Breath - and complete their online training  - ideally before attending the Baby's Breath Workshop (Instructor-Led event).  Please select your Baby's Breath workshop date and register on this site, then follow the steps below to register for AAP's course.   

**Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about this process.

*PLEASE REMEMBER TO REGISTER FOR BABY'S BREATH FIRST, THEN AAP NRP PROVIDER TRAINING.  you must take part 2 within 90 days of part 1 to be eligible to receive your aap nrp provider card..

A. Create an account with AAP

You must visit the AAP NRP Website to create an account with them so that you can access their Learning Platform.  

  1. To access the 8th edition, follow the steps below:

  2. Visit, scroll down to the “NRP 8th ed Learning Platform” bar (DARK BLUE SECTION), and click the “Login” button.

  3. Create an account by clicking “Register Now”

  4. Once logged in, go to the Catalog and enroll in the appropriate curriculum NRP PROVIDER TRAINING - ADVANCED  - for CPMs, CNMs, RNs, and students of schools that require Advanced AAP NRP Provider Training. ESSENTIALS is an option for those that do not require ADVANCED.


B. purchase & complete the aap online Part 1 NRP curriculum

 You will purchase the 8th edition - ADVANCED ($55) or ESSENTIALS ($45) - curriculum with AAP and complete the program.   Learning resources can be found in THE NEST - password emailed to you in your Baby's Breath Workshop registration.  Once complete, search for the Baby's Breath course that you registered for in their system to link your Part 1 with Part 2 (Instructor-Led Event).  

If you are unable to find your Baby's Breath Workshop, you will be manually added by Michele on the workshop day.  There is often a system glitch that makes it difficult to find the Instructor-Led events in the AAP Learning Platform.  

C. return to the learning platform after you complete Part 2

Once you have completed the Instructor-Led Event (Baby's Breath Workshop) -  and you receive an email notification from Michele that you have been graded in the system - return to the Learning Platform to get your card.  It will be available in the system for 2 years - renewal time - for you to download and/or print.  

Please notify Michele with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for choosing Baby's Breath for your NRP training!  

NRP Workshops - San Diego, CA

aap nrp 8th edition learning platform

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