There are many in san diego
these are a few that we have had the pleasure of working with

Birth Education and Preparation

Birth Education Center 

Classes, Workshops, and Resources 

Birthing From Within

Bradley Method

Liza Janda

Spinning Babies & Body Balancing Workshops 

Gail Tulley, CPM (Online Parenting Class 1-2 hrs ($28) -

Nicole Morales, LM. CPM -

Chiropractic Care

Dr Jay - Life Force Chiropractic

Dr. Jay Warren - offers pregnancy chiropractic care as well as other services.  Certified in the Webster Technique and author of the "Healthy Birth, Happy Babies" Podcast.

Foundation Chiropractic

Dr Samantha Dean Fauce - offers pregnancy chiropractic care as well as other services. Received Post Doctorate Perinatal Chiropractic Training including the Webster Technique, and Spinning Babies Techniques.

Doula Care

Ali Feroah CD (DONA)

Certified Doula and Photographer

Annaly Allen CLEC, CD (DONA)

Doula Care, CBE, Breastfeeding, Belly Binding

Beautiful Beginnings

Birth and Postpartum Doula Services

Birth Education Center

Birth and Postpartum Doula Services, Monitrice Services, and Breastfeeding Support

Cinda Brown CD, (DONA)
Emerging Moon Birth

Birth Doula and Childbirth Mentor (Birthing From Within & Birth Story Medicine)

Night and Day San Diego

Midwifery, Birth and Postpartum Doula Services, Monitrice Services, and Breastfeeding Support

Tatiana Koontz, LM, CPM

Midwifery, Birth and Postpartum Doula Care, Monitrice Services, Placenta Encapsulation

Mental Health

Postpartum Health Alliance

is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about perinatal mood and anxiety symptoms and disorders and providing support and treatment referrals to women and their families.  Various perinatal/postpartum professionals join the alliance and their contact information - with the services they provide - is available on their site.

The Relationship Place

Therapy practice that offers the Gottman Method and Gottman Bringing Home Baby education to support growing families - in Bankers Hill, San Diego.

Midwifery Care - Birth Center, Home or Hospital

Midwives Coalition of Greater San Diego

Obstetrical Care

Dr. Cap

Dr. Nikolas Capetanakis, D.O. provides holistic care in his solo practice and specializes in unmedicated births, VBACs, family-centered Cesarean care, minimally invasive GYN-surgery, and infertility treatments.  Office visits are provided in his office in Encinitas in conjunction with Cap Wellness and births are attended at Scripps Memorial Hospital - Encinitas.  

Physical Therapy ~ Prenatal, Postpartum - Prolapse & Diastasis

Dr. Brittney Ellers, DPT

(She does in-home visits and internal work)
*Pelvic pain, painful sex, scar tissue, incontinence, diastasis recti, prolapse

Dr. Cary Barberich, DPT

*Incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, fitness
(She does external work only, her home office is across the street from Tree of Life Birth Center)

San Diego Birth Network

Connecting growing families in San Diego with pregnancy, birth and postpartum professionals.

VBAC Information

Birth Education Center

Classes, Workshops, and Resources
Birth Education Center

Cesarean Rates

Learn about the rates of cesarean in our local hospitals

ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) of San Diego

Please feel free to contact us for additional questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!