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Professionals and students providing the midwifery model of care believe that birth is an everyday miracle to be respected and valued.  We are invited to this powerful rite of passage by families that trust us to be experts in physiologic birth and holistic neonatal transition. While most babies will take their first breath on their own and in their own time, some do not.  In these circumstances, every newborn deserves highly skilled birth attendants, able to provide necessary life-saving skills in a timely and safe manner.  This course was developed from my personal passion to help birth professionals in the community setting feel confident in their neonatal skills.  We have grown in 8 years and now have additional instructors to ensure Instructor-led events remain small for adequate one-one skill training.  Thank you for choosing our program for your continued professional training. It is our privilege to support you in this rich learning environment as you become an expert in Baby’s Breath.  


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Baby’s Breath is a unique one day workshop developed from Michele’s almost 25 years of experience caring for women, newborns and growing families as a mother, midwife, nurse, and yoga instructor.  It blends the values of these disciplines into a course that empowers midwives and their assistants to consider the importance of both mystery and mastery in holistic neonatal transition.  Through facilitated discussion, hands on skills, scenario and debrief, a holistic neonatal transition model is presented that values our midwifery traditions, while also incorporating individual instruction of all skills included in the 7th edition NRP algorithm (Self inflating bag, T-piece, CPAP, LMA, ETT, UVC, Epinephrine and Fluid). The final hours of the course will be devoted to practicing our skills in group scenario - with birth teams and equipment well suited for the home and birth center setting.  Valuable debrief and discussion will follow. You will leave the course with the renewed confidence and sharp assessment skills necessary to calmly hold the space for the mother baby dyad to unfold as you critically determine if additional assistance is needed.  

Most AAP/AHA NRP classes utilize equipment, staffing, and philosophy ideal for providers practicing the medical model of care in the hospital setting.  Baby’s Breath was designed for providers practicing within the midwifery model of care in the out of hospital setting.  While it values and integrates the 7th edition NRP algorithm into the course, Baby’s Breath believes midwives are the experts in physiologic birth and holistic neonatal transition.  This expertise can only develop with both didactic and skill training specific to our model of care and setting.   Home and Birth Center clients are low risk and therefore midwives in this setting do not routinely care for compromised newborns.  We must respect this knowledge gap and adopt training that supports our learning needs.  Practice should be much more frequent and knowledge tested in scenarios unique to our staffing and possible transport plans. Unlike hospital-based courses, Baby’s Breath incorporates our midwifery values into the scenarios that we practice.  Care is provided in a manner that specifically respects the connection and need of mother and baby to remain together during this highly sensitized post-birth period.  We review the importance of the intimate interplay of hormones, placental circulation, skin-skin contact, mother’s voice, touch, and intuition on the neonate’s transition.  We discuss the importance of our energy as providers and how we can most effectively hold the space and communicate when we are waiting for each new Baby’s Breath.   Baby’s Breath is an invaluable course for midwives and those assisting midwives during care provided in the out of hospital setting. 




prior to


Please commit to learning this material and

come prepared for the skills workshop 


The course is limited in size to provide the adequate one-one instruction necessary for mastery as well as to comply with current COVID-19 social gathering restrictions.  In addition, a 1:8 Instructor - Student ratio is maintained for all skill instruction as recommended by AAP.  The success of this workshop relies heavily on attendee preparation and participation.


Prior to attendance, each participant should follow the instructions provided at registration. All AAP/NRP modules and E-sims - as well as Baby's Breath online content (The NEST) - should be completed prior to the workshop.  


Our goal is to use the valuable time we have together to focus on remaining experts in holistic neonatal transition and full resuscitation of newborns. This cannot be learned without adequate preparation. Our clients and fellow professionals are relying on us to routinely embrace these responsibilities so we can maintain the necessary standards of care our clients deserve.    


Prior to the


If you are taking NRP to learn how to provide it in the clinical setting (not to teach it as an instructor) you will take the "Provider" course.  The 7th edition AAP NRP course is 2 parts.  Part one is completed online with AAP ($35 fee paid  to AAP) and Part 2 is the Instructor-Led Event (Completed within Baby's Breath Workshop) 

After  the


Upon completion of the workshop (Instructor-Led Event), you will return to the LMS to complete an evaluation with AAP.  Your card will then be available online with AAP for 2 years until it is renewed. If you have issues with the above steps, please contact AAP for more information.  

To  obtain

skill mastery

As long as you come to class prepared and committed to learning, the skills portion will be something you will enjoy.  Course content is provided online prior to the class to allow for more one-one instruction and possible group scenarios (COVID -19 restrictions permitting).  Please take the time to review this information so that questions can come from content not yet offered.  This will allow us to focus on true integration -  gaining advanced skills together as a group - in a low-stress environment.


ceu's for the


There are a total of 16 Contact Hours available for CEU - depending on the license that you hold.

There are also up 11 CEUs available from AAP for everyone that completes the AAP Provider course.  However, some licensing and certification agencies limit the amount or prohibit the use of AAP NRP CEUs for renewal.  

CE Certificates will be emailed to you during the week following the workshop.



1.  Review AAP NRP and Baby's Breath (The Nest) material prior to the workshop.

2.  Bring your 7th Edition Book, download an online version, or set up a share with a partner

3.  Bring water or your personal choice of beverage for the day

4.  ***REMEMBER YOUR MASK - all participants will be asked to comply with local COVID-19 guidelines for social gathering.