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happy birthdays

Michele, I wanted to THANK YOU for everything that you have done for me. Over the past 7 months, you have helped me to achieve in my life what I NEVER thought empowered me to BELIEVE in myself and TRUST the ability of my mind and body.  You gave me MUCH more than a beautiful birth and a handsome son; you gave me self-confidence, strength, and power.  I will never lose those intangibles or the steps that I took to get to them and I can truly attribute that to you.  Nathan and I are so RICHLY BLESSED by you in our lives and are so appreciative of your experience, education, attention to detail, compassion, understanding and LOVE.  Thank you!  

Natalie W.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Michele.  I am so glad she was my midwife for the birth of my son.  Michele provided exceptional prenatal care and ensured that we had a safe, calm, memorable homebirth.  Michele lovingly involved my entire family in the birth process, it was truly amazing experience.

Shannon B.

Michele is one of my favorite midwives. She is so patient, calm, loving, and practices very evidenced based care while still empowering women to trust their bodies and make informed choices.  She is particularly wonderful with women seeking post-cesarean birth options. 

Kristen Stratton - Doula - In Due Season

Three months ago today you helped me birth my sweet baby.  I think back to that day often, and with so much joy and gratitude.  Thank you for being part of one of the most incredible experiences of my life!  Thank you for being watchful, patient, and for giving me the gift of believing in me and what my body was capable of.  I remember so clearly you just kneeling by the tub and I knew that all was well with me and with my baby because you were giving us the space to just do our thing!  I’s so very thankful to have a midwife I trust so deeply.  Thank you again for going above and beyond your job and being there with us!  Many, many blessings to you in your baby catching and mama empowering days ahead!  

Megan M.

Michele, sweet earth angel. I still look at my son 5 months after this night and think about how peacefully he came. Not only because I had faith in myself but because I had full trust in YOU. I love you more than you know. You're like a sister to me, caring, loving, honest, open, smart, gentle, and compassionate. I honor you for all that you are. Thank you for helping me have the birth of my dreams!

Elise Nicole K

Michele is amazing. She has such a tender and supportive disposition and makes sure her clients are informed and confident throughout the entire birth process.  I am so thankful I had her by my side through this beautiful time in my life. 

Kaitlin K

Thanks for being our midwife...I am so happy that I chose you to be there for me through my pregnancy and labor!  The passion, love, and support was definitely felt and don't regret the experience one bit.  You made me see that I have a choice and that I am strong ~ something I woudn't have been able to get with a doctor at the hospital! 

Denise A

We could not have made it through this beautiful journey without your encouragement and support.  You are such a special part of your birth story and we are so thankful for all you have done.  Thank you for everything!

Amber C

Thank you so much for preparing Mike and I not only for labor but for parenthood!  Even though Ellie's birth didn't go as planned (Whose ever does?) and you weren't able to be there (fast, unplanned home birth) to welcome her into this crazy world, we could not have done it without all your encouragement and support.  I feel so blessed to have had you as a midwife and friend.  Thank you for taking such good care of us!! And who knows, maybe you'll get to deliver our second!  

Kaitlin H

She is AMAZING!!!! She felt more like a close friend than a midwife! I was extremely comfortable with her and she helped me feel at ease about all my concerns. She is extremely knowledgable and I had more confidence in her than a doctor. Unfortunately I only had Michele for the last couple months of my pregnancy and I am so THANKFUL I did!! I wish I would have found her when I had my first baby This was my 3rd baby and I wanted to have a natural birth. My first 2 babies I gave birth to at Tri-city and had epidurals. I had my baby girl without any drugs at the Babies in Bloom Birth Center. I never felt rushed when I had my prenatal appointments. I had been to a lot of doctors at the start of my pregnancy and was never happy with any of them. I was also pleased that after I had my baby girl she was so gentle with her and gave a lot if attention to her that she was being monitored and made sure she was doing well. I attended the Babies in Bloom Bradley Birth classes and that is how I heard about Michele and the Birth Center. I highly recommend her!!! She goes above and beyond her role as a midwife! THANK YOU MICHELE!!

Lynette C

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your hard work.  I know I was just the doula, but it was great for me to konw that Megan had a care provider she could completely trust in such a vulnerable state.  Thank you for being a teacher to me as well.  You have such a calm, cool presence and it was a great reminder of exactly who I strive to be at every birth.  

Amy B - Doula

Michele was an answer to my prayers for our first birth! I knew I wanted a midwife and after trying out several OB/GYN's I finally found her. And she accepted TriCare!! She has a vast knowledge of the woman's body and worked in the NICU so she knew all about what was happening with our baby after she was delivered. She was the first practitioner we saw who included my husband in the process completely. The doctors had either ignored him or shushed him but Michele made sure to talk to him as well as me and during the labor process she respected his role as my partner and birth coach. 

I labored at Babies in Bloom and Michele provided an amazingly relaxing and quiet environment. She was always kind and encouraging. When I had to transfer to a hospital, Michele came with us and stood up for me when the doctor insisted I do what she wanted rather than what I felt I needed. Michele stayed with us after the baby was born and made sure to explain everything that was happening, even when the hospital staff wouldn't. She came back again that night to check on us and make sure we were okay. 

I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated Michele's warm encouragement and her respect for my wishes. I would absolutely come back to her for my next birth! I am so grateful we were able to work with her and would highly recommend her services for any mama!

Kimberly S

Michele and Sandi were exactly what I needed support wise. I'm not sure if they normally are that active in a labor and delivery, but they really were amazing and I wouldn't have had the same experience had it not been for them. I am so grateful that they were there and for all the love and support they showed me. I felt like I was surrounded with so much positive relaxing energy. As a team, they are wonderful. They both are very different, which makes them PERFECT together. I truly owe them so much for giving me the most beautiful experience.

Hope L

Thank you so much!! You have been such a blessing to our little family.  From taking us on at that last minute, to making the long drive multiple times, to making wise calls and following us through our hospital stay…we are so grateful for you and the part you played in our story!  Thank you for all your encouragement, shared laughter, and for giving me the freedom to grieve as well.  We are so grateful!

Jennifer H

Michele is a talented midwife. The care and support she provides during pregnancy and birth instills a sense of ease and confidence. She is very attentive to her client's needs and offers the right words and touch at just the right moment. I feel Michele's presence enhances and contributes to the birth environment. I wholeheartedly recommend her to clients seeking a midwife. She is awesome!

Anita M

Michele is truly amazing. She is one of the most loving, maternal, nurturing women I know. She is also an expert passionate midwife with so much wonderful important knowledge. Anyone working with Michele is in good hands!

Kate S

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