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Previous 2020 Workshops:

September 16th ~ San Diego, CA

August 28th ~ Fallbrook, CA 

August 19th ~ San Diego, CA

August 8th ~ Los Angeles, CA

March 9th ~ San Diego, CA

January 30th ~ San Diego, CA

Previous 2019 Workshops:

January, 14th ~ Encinitas, CA

February 1st  ~ San Diego, CA

February 2nd ~ Fallbrook, CA

February 13th  ~ San Diego, Ca

March 18th  ~ - Encinitas, CA

April 15th  ~ Tijuana, MX

April 29th ~ Encinitas, CA

June 2nd ~ Los Angeles, CA 

June 29th ~ Mexico City, MX 

July 29th ~ Encinitas, CA

August 13th ~ Encinitas, CA 

September 21st  ~ Ogden, UT

October 25th ~ Fallbrook, CA

November 13th ~ San Diego, CA