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*Celebrating 10 years of Baby's Breath *
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Previous Workshops of the 8th Edition AAP NRP:


2023 - 

November 9th ~ Newport Beach, CA

November 3rd ~ San Diego, CA

October 14th ~ Sacramento, CA

September 29th ~ Las Vegas, NV

August 16th ~ Fallbrook, CA

July 12th ~ Lexington, NC

June 29th ~ Newport Beach, CA

June 10th ~ Mexico City

June 5th ~ San Diego, CA

June 2nd ~ San Diego, CA

April 27th ~ San Diego, CA

April 5th ~ New Haven, CT

March 8th ~ Newport Beach, CA

February 11th ~ Hemet, CA

February 6th ~ Boise, ID

February 5th ~ Seattle, WA

January 25th ~ Newport Beach, CA

January 11th ~ San Diego, CA

2022 -

November 16th ~ Long Beach, CA

October 21st ~ Ogden, UT

October 14th ~ San Diego, CA

September 30th ~ Loma Linda, CA

September 7th ~ San Diego, CA

August 17th ~ San Diego, CA 

August 13th ~ Newport Beach, CA

July 13th ~ San Luis Obispo, CA

June 29th ~ Ventura, CA

June 3rd ~ San Diego, CA

March 26th ~ Redlands, CA

March 4th ~ Boise, ID

February 4th ~ Poway, CA

February 2nd ~ Fallbrook, CA

January 13th ~ San Diego, CA


December 9th ~ Irvine, CA 

December 8th ~ San Diego, CA

December 4-5 ~ Mexico City

September 10th ~ Fallbrook, CA

June 9th - San Diego

June 2nd - San Diego

May 7th - Ogden, UT

March 10th ~ Los Angeles, CA

February 18th ~ San Diego, CA

February 17th ~ San Diego, CA

February 13th ~ Hemet, CA

February 11th ~ Apple Valley, CA

February 10th ~ San Diego, CA

January 10th ~ Lake Forest, CA 

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